Delta Kits Injector End Seals
Delta Kits Injector End Seals

Delta Kits Injector End Seals

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Delta Kits’ injector end seals.

  • Matched Perfectly for all Delta Kits metal injectors
  • Precision injection molding process for quality and consistency
  • Chamfered OD for easy installation (injector end)
  • Flared ID matched to plunger shape for smooth insertion (injector end)
  • Tapered ID for increased pressure and leak resistance (glass end)
  • Off-white color to aid in air and contaminate identification with minimal reflection
  • Elastomeric compound retains its shape indefinitely and seals against glass exceptionally well
  • The thick-wall design increases seal life, provides increased pressure, and leak resistance.
  • The chemical resistant compound will not shrink or swell
  • For optimal results change the end seal every ten repairs

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Made in the USA

Tech Tip: The Importance of Changing End Seals

Many windshield repair technicians try to save a dime or two by using the same end seal over and over. But by over using an end seal, they are compromising the repair quality.

For best results, Delta Kits recommends replacing the injector end seal after every 10 repairs or sooner if there is a noticeable change in pressure or resin leakage around the seal. After 10 uses, the end seals begin to break down and get softer. The inside diameter of the end seal is smaller than the plunger to provide a leak free seal. After repeated use, the hole becomes enlarged, eventually resulting in loss of pressure. Loss of pressure can create leakage of resin, which results in wasting resin, and makes it difficult to ensure that the damage is filling with resin.